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Top 10 Vpin Tables of 2023

VpinHub Presents the top 10 tables of 2023! Join Paladin, Pirate, LivingArcade and Marty on a journey through our favorite…


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Future Pinball AIO Update!

Terry Red has a massive Future Pinball update for us! The FP and BAM Essentials AIO package includes a complete…


Featured image for “Way of the Wrench Completes Vpin Build!”

Way of the Wrench Completes Vpin Build!

For over 2 years we have been following his detail guide on how to build a VPIN, well its finalized!…


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Major Frenchy’s New Show!

In this show MF is talking about different virtual pinball trends, software and hardware. This show will help you overcome…


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Extra-Life PinGolf

Extra-Life Pin-Golf: let’s All Go To The Movies! This round we’ll be simultaneously running a full 18-hole course. For convenience…

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VPX 10.8 Update

Tables are moving to VPX 10.8, don’t get left behind! Follow along as Marty shows us how to update VPX!…


Transformers G1 PUP

We wanted to bring your attention to one of our members first creations, a PUP Pack to go with your…


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Pin Golf Music City Classic

VpinHub Presents the Extra Life Charity Music City Classic. This is a Virtual Pin-Golf Singles Tournament with a stroke limit…


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BattleStream: Spiderman

We recently hosted a live pin battle for the VPWC Facebook group, and played the incredible Spider-Man table from VPW.…


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64-Bit Virtual Pinball Upgrade!

Its finally here! Smaug’s 64-Bit Virtual Pinball upgrade video. Follow along and upgrade your Vpin to 64bit. It’s a game…


Featured image for “Top 10 VPin Tables of 2022”

Top 10 VPin Tables of 2022

Join us as Smaug, Piratepwnsninja & PaladanArcade as they break down their top 10 Virtual Pinball Tables of 2022!…


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Interview with Kate Rothwell-Jackson!

Interview with Kate! Smaug from GameClubCentral got to sit down, no no, got to play Game of Thrones VPX while…


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Battle Slam Event!

Battle Slam presented by GAMECLUBCENTRAL. 5 Matches with 20 Pinball Streamers!…


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Robot (Zaccaria 1985)

VPX Table Release – Robot (Zaccaria 1985) 1.0.0 by Wylte. “CHALLENGE. THE ROBOT. FROM ZACCARIA.”…


Featured image for “Scorbit.io free for Virtual Pinball!”

Scorbit.io free for Virtual Pinball!

One app to score them all! MPT3K dropped some insane news last night live on stream! Scorbit has come to…


Website is getting updated!

Hello everyone! We are excited to finally get time to build out the site. Our plan is for Vpin Hub…


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GCC Vpin Community Giveaway

GameClubCentral (GCC) would like to thank the community for the support and assistance as we continue to create open source…


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VPC Weekly VPX Tournament (Voodoos Carnival)

Visual Pinball Chat discord and GCC proudly present a week full of VooDoos Carnival! Join in the fun at home…


Featured image for “MCAP VPX Weekly (Metallica VPW)”

MCAP VPX Weekly (Metallica VPW)

MCAP’s weekly VPX tournament is live featuring VPin Workshop’s incredible Metallica table! Details below: Table – Metallica Premium Monsters VPW…


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VPX Weekly News Show

GameClubCentral has started a Virtual Pinball news show every Sunday live on Twitch, and posted to YouTube the following day.…