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Welcome to our How to Play Pinball section. With all of the available 'toys' aka feedback devices, and amazing table auothers like VPW, Virtual Pinball looks, feels, sounds and Plays very similar to physical pinball. Because of that many of the skills taught in playing physical pinball can translate to, well made, virtual tables.

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Getting Started

  with Jack 'DEADFLIP' Danger
Who better to kick things off then Deadflip! In this video he covers the basics on how to approach a pinball machine, how to start a multiple player game, some basic flipper tricks and what to focus on while playing, and more!

5 Pinball Secrets

  with Derek Thomson
The Top 5 Tips, from nudging to simply playing to make you an expert at pinball. Special thanks to diehardpinball.ca.

Anatomy of a Pinball Machine

  with Craig Pullen
Craig Pullen, UK Pinball Champion, takes us on a tour of a pinball machine to describe the anatomy - the names of the different areas of the playfield.

    How Pinball Works

    Many people think the game is random, but it’s actually carefully laid out in groups of targets that correlate to specific objectives, called modes.
    Check out this great video from Vox as they explain how the game is meant to be played!

    Pinball SKills

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    Pinball Rules

    Flips and tricks

    Pinball Techniques

    Aiming and Shooting

    Ball Control

    effective multiball

    pinball accuracy


    Micro flip

    Post Pass

    post pass

    tip pass

    bounce pass

    ski pass

    drop catch

    Drop catch

    Live catch

    live catch

    Slap Save

    Slap Save

    how to nudge

    how to nudge

    pinball nuding

    death save

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