Interviews in the World of Virtual Pinball

Welcome to our collection of interviews with some of the amazing members of the Virtual Pinball Community!
Get to know the creators behind some of your favorite virtual tables, table media, hardware and content!
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Jaska Kangasvieri

Pinball Mag sat down with Jaska (aka iaakki on vpuniverse), V-Pin Workshop’s co-founder and creator of the hit original VPX table Blood Machines.Check out this awesome interview with one of the goats in the virtual pinball community!
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Six toes, one arm, all man. VR guru, Blender battalion leader, and so much more! Find out what just a part of the VPW team works on as we sit down with the incredible Sixtoe!

VPW Table reveal at the end of the interview!
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Learn a little more about this wonderful creator!
With 4 pages of tables, and a flair for Solid State and EM fun.

Bord has brought us some of the classics you may remember from the local pizza parlor as a youth. Jack-bot, PIN-Bot, Flash, Meteor, Nine Ball, Goin' Nuts, and one of my all time favs, Black Knight to name just a few!

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Major Frenchy

One of the men who brought a lot of us into Virtual Pinball.
Major Frenchy! Founder of the VPC Discord, and tons of great Virtual Pinball Tutorials on youtube. 
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Introducting Remdwaas the creator of such VPX originals as Five Nights at Freddy's, Wacky Races, Pokemon, Ducktales, and so many more. Find out what this man is all about, how he approaches table design, and what might be in store next! Remdwaas gives us a peek at 5 new works in progress!

Watch till the end for a full screen preview of the tables as well!
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Lab Arcades

Something a little different, still a creator, but of a different flavor!
Join Porrgy , Unsavory, talking about building vpin cabinets, starting an arcade business, and much more!

There will even be some tasty vpin creator tidbits in here, as Unsavory has done some mystery work in a few of your favorite tables! 


A distinguished member of Vpin Workshop, and a man who will inform and surprise you!

This interview features something a little different, Marty does the normal creator interview and then goes head to head vs the creator on the pinball cabinet for some BattleStream action!
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The creator and part of the team behind the sleeper hit new release TimeLord! Find out the inspiring story behind the table, learn more about the incredibly talented minds that brought it to you, and the innovative tale the table tells.
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The Pincredibles

A sit down with Harlan, MPT3K, Daphishbowl, and MrH who have now joined forces to become The Pincredibles, a unique team of super heroes with the skills and powers to match the unruly Pinball Syndicate.

Join us for the Origin story of this incredible team, and witness the creation of something truly special! Creators of Guardians of the Galaxy (VPX) and Batman 66 (VPX).

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Uncle Paulie

Good ole' Paulie has brought us some incredible classics, and even shares the latest WIP effort.

We will discuss the classics he has given us already like Comet, Black Knight 2000, Apollo 13, Atlantis, Twister, and SO MUCH MORE!

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A sit down with one of the Grandfather's of today's modern VPX play, Rothbauerw! Want to know how Nfozzy and Fleep came about?

Perhaps you would like to meet one of the most prolific VPX collaborators of all time, and learn more about the rabbit hole?
If you took the Blue Pill, by all means just continue eating that steak.
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Scoring..........The final frontier! These are the voyages of iScored enterprise. It's continuing mission, to explore strange new gamerooms.
To seek out new users and new basements to invade. To boldly go where no app has gone before.

Check out this interview with with iScored owner/creator Dan (Pez)!

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Learn about the man behind the original creation VooDoos Carnival, and what drove him to develop the table.

Kenji (AKA: Kcron666, muhaha) was kind enough to stop by and spend time time with us.

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Refresh yourself on that long highway to anywhere, and join us for some vintage ClassicRadios. You heard that right, the man himself, Jim Jackson is joining us for Pizza Time, just in time for the release of the Cactus Canyon PUP Pack.

Jim has brought you 6 incredible PUPs, and some very interesting side hobbies. We invite you along as we talk Monster Bash, Flintstones, Gilligan's Island, and much more!

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Kate Rothwell-Jackson

A special show with Kate Rothwell-Jackson, the lead voice over artist on the Game of Thrones Stern pinball game.

We will be play the new VPX re-creation from VPin Workshop, and talk about Kate's adventures being involved as voice lead for the real table


In this creator interview Marty sits down with the master of EM Mods, media, and so much more, HiRez00! Join us on a very comprehensive journey through his work, some stories about life, and more!
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Join Marty as whe delves into the creative mind of a newer VPX developer, MerlinRTP!

Not only do we talk Thundercats, but design choice, other projects, and more.

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Join Marty as he delves into the creative mind of a man who wants to make it easier for you to get into Virtual Pinball, Phil from Cleveland Software Design joins us for chat!
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Check out Major Frenchy's first interview with Apophis! Apophis is very involved in the Virtual Pinball community. MF had the pleasure to interview him. He will talk about the VPW team, new VPX tables technology.
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Marty aka Smaug aka GCC

Major Frenchy conducts a reverse interview, as Marty interviewed MF last year. Marty talks about his passion and projects in the world of viritural pinball!
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