update Virtual Pinball Software

How to Install & Update Vpin Software

With your vpin cabinet is built, you've now discovered... hardware was the easy part!
Virtural Pinball requires a number of different applications to make it all sing and dance together.

Don't panic, our goal is to help you understand all the different pieces of software, and help you properly set them up on your vpin cab. We have collected some of the best vpin resources we've found online.

These guides will help you with the inital install and future updates... as you will soon learn... there is always something to update 😀

Where to start with virtual pinball
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Front End

A frontend is the software that manages all of your vpin emulators, media, playlists & more.

Nailbuster has created the ultimate front end for virtual pinball called PinUp Popper.

Not only that, hes created the amazing 'baller installer' which takes the pain out of the entire vpin software deployment!

Your Vpin software journey should begin with the ballerinstaller!

Start HereThank Nailbuster
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There are a number of virtual pinball emulators.

Visual Pinball X is the best for simulating physical pinball mechanics and feel, and has the best tie in to DOF.

While Zen Studios Pinball FX3, FX, M all provide a fun arcade experience, as does Zaccaria Pinball.

Future Pinball is a mix of both arcade and simulation pinball.

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Software & Updates

There are a number of other programs that will make your Vpin sing, dance... and light up of course!

When your vpin is running on Pinscape Controller Software you can tie many toys together via DOF Config Tool.

Vpinmame, Color DMD, FlexDMD,  are just a few of the other VPX related software that you will need to keep updated.

Terry Red has Future Pinball on lock down, his guides will keep you updated with ease!

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PinUP Popper

"Baller" Installer

Pinup Popper is an awesome front-end that “makes use of” Pinup Player, designed orignally for virtual pinball cabinets with many displays, but can be setup for 1 display desktop and supports many different emulators.

The Pinup System is a centralized install location of all Pinup related programs. Follow along with Nailbuster as he walks us through the entire install process. Check out his wiki site for even more tutorials!

Pinball Emulators

After installing the baller installer you will have VPX and FP emulators installed and ready to go.
Check out the video guides in the next section on how to keep those updated.

Virtual Pinball Updates

A collection of awesome guides on how to keep your virutal pinball software up to date!
Don't forget to thank and support all of the authors.
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