Build a Virtual Pinball Cabinet

Now is the best time to build your own VPIN!

Welcome to our collection of vpin build resources. A Virtual Pinball Table is a piece of art, and no two vpin cabs are the exact same. Theres alot of things that go into building and maintaining a vpin cab, and there are multiple ways to go about putting one together, not to mention all of the different toys that are available to make a cab sing and dance.Thats why we've put together this growing list of written and video guides as well as online communities, that many of us have made good use of when we make our own vpin, to try and help anyone interested in getting into this amazing hobby.  Check out the great resources below, and please thank the authors and support their channels.Let us know if we've missed any gems out there and we'll add them to the list. We hope this collection of resources and guides will help in on your journey!

Start here 'Read the VPin Bible'

Commonly refered to as "The Pinball Bible", Mrjnets Build Guide is designed to be a full How-To manual for building a virtual pin cab, covering everything from building the physical cabinet to setting up the PC to installing lights and solenoids.

And of course, it includes documentation for building the Pinscape Controller, the expansion boards, and the several plunger sensors it can work with. Michael transfered his knowledge and experience that he gathered building his on vpin cab, and assemble it into a single, comprehensive guide. Its amazing!

So if you're interested in building your own cab, please start here, read this guide from start to finish, when your done, read it again, and then read it one more time.

Then do this... Research and Ask questions!

Now that you've read through Mrjnet's Vpin bible a few times, you likely have a better idea of what is involved in building a vpin cab, but you likely have a list of questions or things you'd like some clarification on.

The Virtual Pinball Chat Discord is one of the best places to do just that! The discord is filled with vpin experts in just about every topic, there is also many people who've had the same quesions you likely have.

So don't be shy, join the VPC Discord, check out the members channels to see how others have built their cab, and get the answers to any questions you may have.

One software to rule them all!

A large part of building a virtual pinball cabinet is the software. Thankfully we are not left on our own to sort it all out, thanks to Nailbuster! His Pinup Popper software and baller installer are a true game changer. We cannot thank him enough for all of the work hes put into this software and keeping it up to date.

Check out his video tutorials on how to install everything.

Check out these guides

A collection of awesome video and written guides on how to build a virtual pinball cabinet.
Get some great ideas and tips on many different aspects of your build from these lovely resources.
Once your cabinet is built your just getting started, see below how to stay up to date with all the software.

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Complete Cabinet Build

by Way of the Wrench
In this detailed video series, Way of the Wrench guides you through the process of building a virtual pinball cabinet! He explains what a virtual pinball cabinet is and talks about the main criteria for the project such as , the budget, the resolution, and the theme.

Virtual Pinball Guides

with Major Frenchy

Virtual Pinball and Arcade building tutorials. Making Tutorials and testing Hardware/Software for you. Check out this site at
Owner of  Virtual Pinball Chat Discord

How to build a VPIN Cab

with Ty Christian
Recorded at the Midwest Gaming Classic, Ty tells you step-by-step how to create you own virtual pinball table! He also tells you what not to do (from experience).

32" Cabinet Build


This detailed build guide shows you how to customize the size of the cab to be 32" with a custom playfield mount, lock bar and back box. A great solution for those of us who dont have the room for a full size vpin!