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One app to score them all!

MPT3K dropped some insane news last night on stream, still having nerdgasming over it! Scorbit has come to the world of Virtual Pinball.

If your unaware of what Scorbit is check them out, they've been doing amazing things in the realm of real pin world scoring, leader boards, challenges, tournaments and more. Allowing operators, owners, players and the global pin community track scores online.

The INSANE new is that they are opening that world and its capabilites to the world of virtual pinball! Yes, your heard that right! Check out the VOD from MPT3K's stream last night. He goes over all of the exciting details, he even does a live demo on stream showing off the mobile app and how it works.

The Pincredibles Team are truly living up to their name! As they have built Scorbit compability into the new update coming out "next week" for their Guardians of the Galaxy table! (If you havn't downloaded that table yet... stop reading this and go get it!)

MPT3K also mentioned that the code to add Scorbit to existing VPX tables is not a complicated drop in. And threw the invite over to the VPW crew! The possibilies are endless, still vibrating from this news!!

We cannot wait to see what comes from this... can't wait for this update of GOTG to get dropped!!
But don't wait till then, go get the Scorbit mobile app today, register an account, and start uploading your table scores!

All of this is possible because of these awesome humans

Please Thank & Support them and their teams everyday!