Way of the Wrench Completes Vpin Build!

The Final Assembly!

For the past 2 years it has been inspirational to follow Way of the Wrench as he takes us step by step through his entire Vpin build. His research and attention to detail and DIY explanations on how to do so many things is truly a precious gift to the VPIN community!

I know my cab wouldnt have turned out the same without his videos! Thats why we added his content to our 'How to Build a Vpin' Tutorial section early on!

So a massive congradulations to him on finishing this build! Its our hope that these videos will live on to help many more jump into this hobby. With resources like this at your finger tips, theres nothing to be afraid of... come play with us!

Show your appreciation

An easy way to do that is tossing him a sub on his YT! Also check out his full playlist and his Arcade build guide.... because if your going to build a vpin you gotta have an Arcade machine to!

Full vpin build playlist

Full Arcade build playlist