Pin Golf Music City Classic

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Extra Life Charity Music City Classic

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Welcome to the Extra Life Charity Music City Classic. This is a Virtual Pin-Golf Singles Tournament with a stroke limit of 7. This gives participants two full games to complete the objective of each hole.


What is PinGolf?
PinGolf is a competitive pinball competition format where there is a ‘course’ made of ‘holes’ with each hole and it’s ‘par’ being a different pinball table with an objective. Sometimes that objective is score based, like “Reach 45,000” while other times it is based on elements specific to the table, such as “Start Super Duper Multi-ball.”

How do I track my score?
Just like real golf, the lower your score, the better! On each table, you have 7 balls with which to complete the listed objective. This generally means that if you were to start a third game on a three ball table, you would mark a 7. If you complete the objective on ball 2, you would mark a 2. Add up your number for each hole of the course to get your final score.

How many times can I play to record my score?
Once. This is for fun, but don't be cheat. That isn't cool. You are more than welcome to practice, but when you sit down (or stand up) to start your playthrough of the course, that should be considered your playthrough of the course. Be honest. You’re only playing for a silly trophy as a “winner” unless you donate as well.

Donate? Huh? Why are we doing this?
Because it’s fun! But really because some VPINHUB streamers have grouped together this year to support the Extra Life charity in 2023, and we are using PinGolf as a method of promoting the charity.

Oh. Do I have to donate to participate?
No, you do not! Anyone can participate in each of our PinGolf events during the year and be eligible to win our Inaugural PinGolf Trophy! Those who donate are also eligible for prizes during each event, though!

I like trophies, tell me more!
The trophy will be awarded to whoever has the lowest overall score across ALL of our PinGolf events in 2023. If you miss one, your “score” for that event will be 63, which is the max possible. If you want to win the trophy, it’s good to play in each event.

So if I donate, I can win a prize?
Yes! Each event will have a prize pool. Those who make a $10 donation or greater to any of our Extra Life Stream Team’s charity will get an entry into a raffle for the prize pool for the event. Those who donate $10 or more during EACH event are eligible to for the GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE, which includes a Sony PS5 with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-man 2, among other prizes. At the end of the year, every $20 over the initial $10 for each event gets you an extra entry into the GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE.

Wait I don’t math good. Break this down for me.
Timmy has donated $10 for each PinGolf event, which equals $40 donated total. Timmy now has one entry into the Grand Prize Raffle! Sharon has donated $20 for each PinGolf event, which equals $80. Sharon now has three entries into the Grand Prize Raffle!

Got it. What if I miss donating for an event? And I not eligible for the Grand Prize Raffle?
As long as you are at $40 donated by the end of the final event, you will have one entry.

What if I just want to donate to be prize eligible without playing?
I guess that’s fine. You can’t win a dope-ass trophy though!

Music City Raffle Prizes in No Particular Order:
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales The Art of the Game (Art Book)
Choice of print from Art by Michal (up to $50 value)
Lite Brite Stranger Things Edition
$25 Steam Gift Card