Future Pinball AIO Update!

Complete Future Pinball AIO Update is here!

The COMPLETE FP and BAM Essentials AIO package is now available from Terry Red! This is an install of Future Pinball, BAM, BAM-OpenVR, with all of Terrys preset settings files, updated guides and tutorials (now in PDF format), some handy tools and apps, and more!

No need to deal with installers, or patching of files. The latest updates are already installed and ready to go! This can be used for new installs, or updates to ANY existing setup of Future Pinball. This will ensure you are updated and ready to go to play the latest and greatest tables correctly.

It's super easy, and doesn't take long. The process is the same for new installs and updates. It applies to all players! Desktop, cabinet and VR!

This video is PART 1 - Intro, Install and Setup. Download the files here at VPU.

Massive thanks to Terry for all his work in keeping FP alive!
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