Top 10 Vpin Tables of 2023 presents

Top 10 Tables of 2023


Join Paladin, Pirate, LivingArcade and Marty on a journey through our favorite VPX/FP tables of the last year. We discuss our favorites, roll out the top 10, and honorable mentions. Table download links are included below!
Huge thanks goes out to all of the amazing virutal pinball table authors and creators! Their efforts are what make this hobby and community such a wonderful thing to be apart of!

Honorable Mentions


  1. Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast (VPW)
  2. Total Nuclear Annihilation (VPW)
  3. Godzilla (VPW)
  4. Blade Runner (TerryRed)
  5. Exorcist (Joe Picasso)
  6. X-Files (Siggi’s Mod)
  7. Spongebob's Bikini Bottom Pinball (VPW)
  8. Gilligan’s Island (TastyWasps)
  9. Playboy 35th Anniversary (JP Salas)
  10. Banzai Run (JP Salas)
  11. Big Bang Bar (VPW)

Honorable Mentions


  1. Game of Thrones LE (VPW)
  2. Re-animator (Balutito)
  3. Jumanji (Balutito)
  4. Cuphead Perdition Edition (OneVox)
  5. Metal Slug (Wolfanoz)
  6. Megadeth (Joe Picasso)
  7. Thundercats (MerlinRTP)
  8. Total Nuclear Annihilation (VPW)
  9. Inhabiting Mars (Joe Picasso)
  10. The Last Starfighter (Xenonph)
  11. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (BorgDog)

Honorable Mentions

GameClubCentral aka Smaug aka Marty

  1. Die Hard Trilogy (VPW)
  2. Star Trek The Next Generation (VPW)
  3. Spongebob's Bikini Bottom Pinball (VPW)
  4. White Water (Flupper)
  5. Volkan (Onevox & Oqqsan)
  6. Transformers (RobbyKingPin)
  7. No Fear Dangerous Sports (VPW)
  8. Cuphead Perdition Edition (OneVox)
  9. Star Trek LE (TastyWasps)
  10. Robot (Wylte)
  11. Charlie Brown Christmas (iDigStuff)

Honorable Mentions

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