Sept. 8th Table Link:


  • You MUST use the specified table and version (No exceptions)
  • Scores accepted on Thursdays starting at 12:01AM EST for 24 hours only!
  • No table or script modifications allowed that affect gameplay, except “fast flips” may be enabled if possible, or follow specific instructions for a given week.
  • Number of balls per game MUST NOT be modified
  • No EXTRA BALL buy-ins
  • Only SINGLE-PLAYER games allowed since some games provide an advantage when in multi-player
  • You MUST post a pic/screenshot of your score (including backglass and table) in iScored for entry. The score must be at the end of the game (during the Match Sequence, Credit Award, etc). Any score from a High Score roster (Grand Champion, 1st place, etc) will not be allowed due to not being able to know when the picture was taken. Have your phone standing by before you play the third ball.



Table information and discussion can be found at the GCC Discord #tournaments channel:

All day, every Thursday!